Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Street food in Thailand: Why cooking anymore?

I am a passionate cook, and I really enjoy to do it. Everyday I usually cook one or two meals. But cooking for two comes with a price, literally. Compared to the street food I can buy just around the corner, home made food is expensive (and I am not talking about western food). No way I can make a pumpkin curry for 20 Baht - the pumpkin alone costs at least 60 baht.

So more and more we shift our food supply from supermarkets to street food stall around the corner. The selection is huge and it is always delicious. From vegetarian food to classics like Green Curry. Five Spices is our latest favourite, a very un-Thai dish with cinnamon. A whole meals with rice and five dishes is not more than 130 baht, thats less than 5 USD.

Is it safe to eat street food? Yes and No. It depends on the stall and the time you buy it. Go early in the morning and its fresh. Around noon its there for a while. Usually around 5 pm you get fresh cooked food again, and at night you can be sure its not. Also, usually meat is not the filet mignon or chicken breast, but everything that's cheap. We eat mainly vegetarian, so it's easy. Also, fish isn't always the best choice. The bigger the fish the more likely it's not from one of the klongs. Thai food also isn't the most healthy food, they use way too much salt and saturated fat. But the right mix with some fresh veggies and fruits can keep you and your purse healthy.

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