Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Songkran is gone - and so are the empty streets

One year in Thailand, but two Songkran already - and still I am not the guy who spends the days (and nights) of Thailands New Year somewhere in the party zone. We had our fun at Lao Phi Mai, same time, same kind, just a different place, but for me it is too crowded in Silom or Central World. And of course, Kaosan road is a No-no (I have been there only once, maybe ten years ago, as a tourist, not even stayed there).

We went to Central World around noon and made our mandatory selfie in the foam party area, got a little bit wet just to please the gods, and then went on shopping. Down south in our village, Soi Wat Dan Samrong in front of our moo naan was an ongoing party zone. Traffic was stuck there, and no way to go out without getting soaked with water and coloured with chalk.
Thomas and Nataly Songkran

So, we did it the German way: Make a proper plan, leave early to the shopping mall, spend some hours there, buy food, beer and wine for dinner and go back through the smaller sois to avoid the traffic jam.

Songkran in Thailand

Not that I don't like the Songkran parties - I actually recommend it for everyone to try it at least once. But we live too far from the events in downtown, and it's not much of a pleasure to stay in the BTS for 30 minutes while totally wet. Also, it's not so much fun just to go on your own, and here in the village we don't know people to party with (the moo ban was pretty empty since most went home to the countryside).

So, how was your Songkran?

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