Friday, February 21, 2014

Two good restaurants down south of Bangkok

Because we live in the south of Bangkok we don't visit much the fancy restaurants in downtown. Silom is terra incognita for me, and Thonglor only know for the Smitiveij hospital.
But we have some nice places in Samut Prakan as well. One is a recently opened local garden style steak restaurant next to the BTS Bearing station, on Lasalle Street. They are only open in the evening hours, and serve just a few dishes: pork, beef, fish and chicken steak in different styles and with a few side dishes like fried eggs, french fries, sausages and chicken nuggets. Only beer available is Leo in a can. A steak is about 60 Baht, comes with french fries and salad, so this is a good deal.

If you are more into vegetarian food, I recommend a vegan restaurant on Skrinakarin road. It is opposite Big C, right before you enter the flyover. They have vegetarian food buffet style where pick the dishes and pay per dish. They are between 30 and 50 Baht per dish. You can sit there in the restaurant open only at day time on weekdays, or buy the food for take away. The restaurant also sells mock meat and other vegetarian food you can use for cooking at home. 

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