Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marketing in Thailand

I am always interested  in marketing and advertising. It is interesting to see how Asian markets work in this field. When I lived in Vietnam I blogged about the quite noisy promotions there and that scientific research proves that this is not leading to more sales.
Thailand still has presenters/promoters shouting in microphones while nobody is listening, but I guess its is more a "doesn/t hurt either"-effect rather than poper reserach if this really triggers sales.
What is quite obvious here is the use of a handful celebrities. They advertise everything, from chicken essence to sausages to IKEA.
I am wondering if this really works. You use testimonials because people are identifying themself with this star, and you hope they will do the same with your brand or product. But if this hero sells everything, he or she can't simpy stand for one brand. Nothing hurts more if someone sees your ad with a testimonial and says "oh, I know him from the chicken product".
So my theory is that Thai advertisers do what most Thai businesses do: don't take a risk and just copy the others. 

Yet, someone at Big C was apparently allowed to do a little bit of innovation. 

I was waiting for the BTS when I saw the shiny new sliding doors with advertising next to it. Although the screen resolutiin is quite cheap, the Big C ad caught me. They were advertising products, and added a QR code to it. So, if you stand there and wait for the train, you get some suggestions of what to buy later and an easy way to at least save it to your phone.  I didn't have time enough to use the QR code, so ii wasnt sure waht kind of action it triggeres, but it looks from the ad that it starts the Big C app. If so, it's genius: Buy it at the point of advertising, and when you arrive home it is delivered. And I am pretty sure if people has started the app they will even buy more.

Did anyone tried it out already? Please let me know how it works, and if you have any other interesting advertising or marketing show cases to share...

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