Sunday, February 2, 2014

Protesters and customers

These people are in queue for.... no, not voting. They want to buy Gerretts popcorn. It is totally overpriced and nothing special, but it's a foreign brand, so it's a must have for the urban people. Later they may have a walk through the walking street behind what is actually a blockade by protesters. It doesn't look serious in Thailand as long as there is a queue for popcorn it seems. But the problem is there and it's serious: The state is in deep crisis. Sales dropped at all shopping malls and in areas where the protesters where blocking streets. Hotels are empty, Tourist arrivals are down, automobile industry sends warning, GDP growth will be lower then expected. And less and less government institutions are working anymore. Government can't govern anymore, has basically no control over police and of course not military. Can't even pay debts anymore. This is far from over... as a foreigner, it might be actually a good idea to get some popcorn, switch on TV and twitter and watch the events from your sofa.

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