Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fresh coffee every morning - not these Nespresso capsules

It's not that I am old fashioned. It's because fashion comes with an insane price. I had a Senseo coffee machine (the one with the pads), mainly because I was able to buy organic coffee pads and there was a refill solution. The new machines from Nescafe and others not only don't have this, they are are an environmental nightmare.

Each cup of Nespresso coffee produces aluminum waste, the main material of the capsule. There is 1g of aluminum in one capsule (including the cover) compared to about 13g for a soft drink can. Recycling aluminum represents energy savings of up to 95% in comparison with the production of primary aluminum.[33] To begin with, Nestlé did not implement recycling programs outside of a few parts of Switzerland....A minority of capsules are recycled: Nestle states a current rate of 50% in Switzerland and Germany, but only 2% in France.

For sure they don't have it an Asia (although your local recycling guy who gets the plastic bottles might be interested in). Nestle in particular, doesn't really care about energy, environment or organic coffee. They are a good example of green wahsing. One quote from Coffeehabitat: "I’m not sure if people who already find preparing a cup of coffee from whole beans too much effort are the best candidates to recycle the capsules."

Indeed, what the capsule maker are doing is educating us in the wrong direction. It is NOT good to use these products, even if they try to tell us.

So, whats the plan? I use the Italian Coffeemaker as seen above. It is cheap and lasts long. I grind fresh beans or buy excellent ground Arabica, planted and roasted in Asia. We do have awesome coffee here, there is just no need to be to lazy for making a cup of good coffee without harming the environment.

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