Friday, May 3, 2013

Living behind closed walls

We live in Bangkok behind walls. The essential reason to move to a compound were our dogs. If you live in Bangkok, then you can actually forget to walk your dogs. Either you live on a main road, where the sidewalks are packed by vendors, or you live in a side street, having 300000000 with you in. For most dog owners only options are big garden or compound.

Unser Haus in Bangkok

The advantage here is that we can walk our four dogs without the racing cars passing by or just street dogs make our lives difficult. Not that it is understood here wrong: We have nothing against street dogs, three of our dogs are such. Only the soi dogs here just extremely territorial, and we have little desire every morning to settle any disputes. In Laos, the number of dogs was less, and above all, they were not all in one place.

Another reason for the compound is the rest. We live in Samut Prakan, what is technically the neighboring province of Bangkok. Still, life here is lively enough, and if we leave our Muu Ban, we are right in the city life. But in here, behind the walls, it's quiet. Exactly what you need if you live in Bangkok. (This is why we loved Phu My Hung in Saigon , because it was similar).

Pool area
And finally, there is the security. A Muu Ban has a large gate with security and barriers. Who wants in here and does not live here, must give his ID. Distributed in the compound are four more security guards. They even call me a taxi or moto taxi. (One comes from Isaan, northeast Thailand. With him I can show off my Lao skills.)

That we have a very nice pool area and fitness center that everything is clean, are further plus points.

Some expats may say that it is not authentic (although I wonder if they say so to the predominantly Thai neighbors here), or it is not in the middle of the city. The latter is intentional: it is cheaper, more quiet, and we can be with the train in 30 minutes in downtown Bangkok.

Oh, by the way, the location is also good: Central Bangna, Paradise Park and Mega Bangna shopping Smalls are in close proximity to the airport is 30 minutes away, hospitals, supermarkets, vets and Starbucks we have around us. Who needs Thong Lor ?

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