Wednesday, May 8, 2013


A friend said recently what she likes so much on Bangkok is that things are so convenient. From delivery service to credit card acceptance, BTS and a trillion of restaurants and shopping malls just around the corner, all you did Bangkok offers. Nearly forgot world class hospitals.

My questions is: Does it make people lazy then. Now you can order groceries via an iPhone or Android app from Big C and Tesco. Your water gets delivered to you house, your pizza or even Mc Donald's fast food. Will people stop shopping and cooking? Even those with lower incomes can rely on cheap street food.

Coming for countries where non of this existed, Bangkok is indeed a consumers paradise. And yes, I was way more often in Laos at the local market than here in Bangkok. it for a reason: the small minimarts rarely have fresh fruits and veggies in Laos, and they are overpriced. In Thailand, I get even organic vegetables at Foodland or Tesco Lotus. And it's proper stored, clean and still for a fair price.

Since I love cooking, we don't use delivery too much, and compared to Laos we are going out less. I usually cook dinner for us at home (and did this already back in Germany). But it is still nice to have endless options for restaurants. I loved Aria Mixay in Vientiane a lot, but sometimes you just want to have another Italian restaurant worth going.

So yes, Bangkok is convenient, in particular for the office workers, who rarely have time to cook at home, doing their laundry or walk the dog (yes, you can hire someone to walk your dog). Because we have no car yet, Yoda get picked up twice a week to go to his swimming therapy. Comes with a price of course.

Coming from a country where service isn't really existing or understood in many places, Bangkok is a paradise. We still love it - although it's only a month since we arrived.

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