Monday, September 29, 2014

1st International Live Looping Festival this weekend

I don't have much clue what will actually happen there, but I do know that Yui-Saowakhon Muangkruan will perform. She is an incredible talented cello player, so I think the event will be awesome.

ZOO proudly presents the
3rd and 4th October 2014
Entry: THB 100

19 Prachathipatai Road, Phra Nakhon,, Bangkok, Thailand 10200

Welcome aboard fellow Friends, Peers, Fans, Pros, Amateurs and Curios of all things Live Looping.We hope this event will bring more folks from around the region to interact, share, exchange and support each other in new, ongoing or developed quests to enter, explore, think n dream up, execute and engage in refining and developing creative ideas in the wide open world of Live Looping...

I just copied and pasted the description from the Facebook site below.

3.10.14 19:30-00:30
Para Sabda (US)
Neuter Lover (BKK)
Wednesday (BKK)
Kasemsmai Wongchayasilpa(BKK)
Before Champ (BKK)

4.10.14 19:30-00:30
Yui Cello (BKK)
SA Trio (SG)
Pam Chung (HK)
Nakarin Teerapenun
& NaiNoi Nanon (BKK)

Randolf Arriola (SG)
Stylish Nonsense (BK)


Para Sabda is a moniker of musician and sound artist Thomas Hanson.

Conceived in Las Vegas during the summer of 2009, Para Sabda started as project to showcase live looping techniques and experimental methods of sound reinforcement. After relocating to Hawaii, Para Sabda shifted its focus to creating new kinds of live music with these technologies. Para Sabda is now based in the heart of Thailand, performing and recording improvisational music in Bangkok.

The name Para Sabda is derived from Sanskrit and roughly translates to the Supreme Sound, albeit a different supremacy of sound then one today might think. The state of sound which it alludes to is not necessarily physical vibrations, but sound which exist beyond description and represents the non-dualistic and infinite whole. It was once described by Lama Govinda as sound which cannot be heard by the ears, but only by the heart, and cannot be uttered by the mouth but only by the mind.

Musically, Para Sabda continuously seeks to expand the palette of the guitar. Majority of Para Sabda performances and recordings are created live simply using a guitar, reverb, and various looping techniques. Focus is placed on the natural beauty of the electric guitar sound. Left untreated, the guitar sound becomes the basis for lush soundscapes which are melodic and distinctly familiar but in their simplicity take music back to a sonic nature beyond genres and the expectations of the listener.


SA (仨) , which means ‘three of us’ in Northern Chinese dialect, depicts the coming together of three musicians united by their passion for music andbreaking new grounds. With versatile musicians Andy C. on the Dizi (Chinese flute), Natalie Alexandra on the Guzheng (Chinese zither) and
Cheryl Ong on drums and percussion, their music expands on their traditional Chinese roots through a creative infusion of modern elements with a tasteful use of electronics.

A 3-piece, Singaporean musical art group, SA(仨) aims to raise the awareness of ethnic cultures, as well as promote creative, innovative and experimental ways of music-making.

As the pioneering ethnic Chinese music group in Singapore to incorporate
the use of electronic and live-looping elements in their repertoire, this is the first time the group will be showcasing their music in Bangkok, as part of Live Loop Asia.

With a strong belief that Ethnic Instruments deserve wider recognition, SA's breaks through conventional methods of ethnic music making. The use of electronic effect pedals and live looping devices not only allows the trio to challenge the limited acoustic sounds of their instruments, but also presents endless possibilities in their music-making process.



Stylish Nonsense is recently Electric / Acoustic Whatever Duo, in between post-punk and electric vintage funk with unpredictable fresh raw energy. Their music alters. Every Live sessions happen to be extremly fluid and unique.

In 1993, while studying at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (Thailand), Yuttana Kalambaheti and Wannarit Pongprayoon met at the Music Club of the Electrical Engineering Department. They have been creating music together ever since.

Starting out on a 386dx computer with a Blaster16 soundcard, and the software Cakewalk 2.0, they have over the years evolved into a highly regarded band that makes each gig unique, since they rely solely on the art of improvisation.

They have over the years produced and remixed many major pop artists from Thailand, and released material on several labels.

In 2000, they joined forces with Bear-Garden's Somsiri Sangkaew, and established the Panda Records indie music label.

Stylish Nonsense have been playing regularly in Bangkok, and numerous other cities all over Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Korach, Cholburi, Saraburi, Songklah.

They have also played aboard in Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Other projects
Multi-instrumentalist Yuttana Kalambaheti also does solo concerts under his own name.

Multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and producer Wannarit Pongprayoon is a member of Rocket Science, Plastic Section and also does solo concerts under his own name.

Studio Work

Studio Live Session



Kasemsmai Wongchyasilpa (mai) is a bass player based in Bangkok. Very active on the Jazz scene and an accomplished session player, he is also very keen to explore and experiment with musical styles fusions and technology.

As much of a groove man as a natural melodist, his solo looping act delivers virtuosity and a wide array of musical landscapes.


Yui Cello (Saowakhon Muangkruan), is a cellist who tells her story through her instrument.

She is not only a cellist but also a story teller, using her tool to raise the dramatic effect of her performance, by creating something different. The Yui Cello phenomenon, as she explains, gets the inspiration from society matters, other’s life experiences and her life.

The journey she takes as a cellist, is unique as she alone is daring enough to expose serious matters, starting from impersonal touchy public topics, to highly personal own life matters.



Neuter Lover started her music scene as a Bedroom Studio artist, she delivers a blend of Ambient and Shoegaze music with sound of computer programming and noise Guitar.

With her unique of vocal and music sounds, In 2005, Her demo was nominated for 15 finalists of FAT Awards 3 - 'Bedroom Artist of The Year' (by FAT Radio, FM 104.5). And the demo song 'Find' was published on DDT Magazine's compilation CD vol.4. Additionally, she was honored to be selected to perform live in Fete de la Music 2005, as the highest scorer of her self-produced 10 demoed songs.

And as soon as she released her demos on the Internet, she was invited to be vocalist/songwriter of the duo band 'Acid Lily', founded by a japanese electronica artist. They produced music online and released the first EP on November 2005 with Spicy Disc records (thailand), then a self-released album in April 2006.

The end of the band came on November 2006 and they won FAT Awards 5 for 'Bedroom Artist of The Year'.

Now it's time for Neuter Lover to continue her own tunes!
After passing out from many hard situations, 1st mini album 'I am Neuter Lover' released on

April 27, 2010.

It was a long journey of studio production since the year 2007, Neuter Lover produced her mini album with talented artists who understand her music, they created fantastic sound installation and additional arrangement. Then all the tracks were mixed down and mastered by Woody Pornpitaksuk, who was recognized at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards for his work on the Historical Album: Louis Armstrong - The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings.

Then the beautiful sound of her music led Neuter Lover to Win AVIMA 2010 (Asia Pacific VOICE Independent Music Awards) 3rd place (Bronze) in "Moody melancholic masterpiece" with the song 'Ha (Find)".

More info:

Experience the 'I am Neuter Lover' mini album at and downloads available online and international orders are welcome.


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