Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Get your dinner from the market

When it comes to food, I always wonder how local stalls can sell it that cheap. I can't cook a dish for 30 baht, no way. But since it is so convenient, I go quite often to the local market here and buy stuff. Below some pictures. The market is an afternoon/evening market, located at Soi Wat Dan Samrong/Corner Soi 62. For some reasons stalls change a lot, so you will never get the same stuff on the next day. Since it is quite local , people don't speak English (but some do), and most can at least tell you the price and what kind of meat the dish contains. You can buy cooked dishes as well as meat, vegetables and fruits.

So many stalls offer traditional Thai dishes. Just try it out.
If you prefer to cook at home, get the ingredients here.
 The market is small and not much crowded, but I met the most friendly sellers here.
The fish cakes cost just 20 Baht - and they are sooooo delicious.

Japanese food is cheap as well - 5 Baht per ball.

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