Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Health check up rates in Bangkok Hospitals

Checking in with a Patient.

Sorry for the silence but I had a shoulder surgery and my right arm is still in a sling, so typing is very difficult.

I was looking for prices for a regular health check (male, 47 years) at different hospitals in Bangkok, and oh boy there is a difference. 

The Mission Hospital bills you 9800 Baht. (including a vegetarian meal!)

Sikarin Hospital at Srinakarin Road is on of the cheapest with 10.000 Baht.

Thainakarin lists 11.000 baht.

Bangkok Hospital asks for 13.000 Baht, including a Check up Report Book and a food coupon (?)

Bumrungrad, no surprise offers a health check at 16,900 THB. It includes a stress test, the main difference to the other hospitals.

Phyathai overtakes them by asking for 17.500 Baht.

But thats not the end yet. BNH wants 17.900 baht for the annual health check up. I guess thats why they call it the Royal package.

I did a check up at Bumrungrad once. Not only that they charge yopu a lot, they will of course find something. In my case the liver ultrasound result was inconclusive, so they ordered an MRI just to see that it wasn't anything serious. My concern at Bumrungrad, as well as Samitivej (couldnt figure out their package online) and BNH is that they are too much business driven, in particular when you have insurance. They try to squeeze the money out of you.

A list of all Bangkok hospitals is available at Wikipedia.

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