Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 reasons why all Thais don't like foreigners

It is time to be clear and frank: There are reasons why Thai people don't like foreigners, and I would like to list the 5 reasons I think are most important.

Thai people do not like foreigners because:

1. They make lists why Thai people don't like this and that
2. They generalize all Thai people as if they were all the same
3. They don't even specify what like actually mean (Facebook like?)
4. They like to read lists like that a lot, and lists about 5 ways to date Thai girl even more
5. They don't speak the language.

Oh, there could be a misunderstanding with the least point: It is actually that  many foreigners don't really speak Thai much (I have to admit, my skills aren't as good as I wish for).

And in case you haven't noticed yet: Lists like this are BS, of course. Even IF all Thais do not like foreigners, there would be more than 5 reasons. Lists are the opposite of a differentiated view. Reality isn't black and white, it comes in many grey shades and even colors.

So, it isn't even a question if Thais like something unless you make a survey with a representative number of randomly selected participants and unbiased questions.

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