Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where to repair your Macbook in Bangkok

My Macbook Pro recently got sick aka the graphic chip isn't working properly anymore, and I was hoping to get it fixed somewhere in Bangkok. First I went to my nearest shop at Paradise Park, where iStudio has a service center. It turned out they may have to replace the board and it will take about 4 weeks and costs at least 18.000 baht.

Then Apple decided to offer a free repair for a certain video issue with Macbook Pros and I thought my laptop has this issue. So I went to iStudio Paragon and they sent me to MCC at Siam Discovery at the 5th floor.

The shop is small and a bit hidden, BUT: They do a great service. They were totally aware of the video issue and the offer from Apple, but had to - as required by Apple - run a diagnostics test first - which my MBP passed. So it seems to be a different problem.

Beside this, they seem to really know what they are talking about, some speak good English and if you need any repair with your Mac, this is one of the places to go.

For some reason they can only service iPhones under warranty if they are bought through the Apple online store, I guess there might be some issue with providers.

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