Monday, October 13, 2014

Cool down - a lot: Wonderland has -15 degrees Celsius

Yes, it can get hot outside, and yes, I sometimes miss the snow, or at least the change in the seasons. But does that really mean I need to get winter here in Bangkok? On the other hand, many Thais never see any snow and haven't enjoyed the fun of freezing noses.
That may have been reason enough for the people behind Harbin Ice Wonderland to set up a winter land next to BTS Bearing. It is really cold in there, -15 degrees Celsius, but you can rent coats and gloves. I recommend proper shoes (NO flipflops), jeans and socks as well. Even then, you may not stay there more than 15-20 minutes.

What can you see? A lot of ice sculptures, from Big Ben to pandas. Kids may enjov the three different slides, one with tubes, and one with sleighs. There is also a snow corner, where you can at least try to make a snowball. My friends in Germany were laughing at what I showed them as my first Thai snowball.

The entry fee is not cheap, 350 for Thai and 550 for foreigners (Driver licence didn't work to get the local price), plus rental fee for coats. It is open everyday 10.00 - 21.30 and is located direct next to the Bearing BTS. Parking space is available. There is also a ice bar, in case you want to take whiskey on the rocks literally, and food courts are yet to be installed.

You can get more information in Thai (overcharging foreigners doesn't mean social media communication is included, although some staff speaks some English) on Facebook. And they do have a English website

And now, enjoy some pictures. Yes, it is colorful.

Have drink afterwards

My first snowball in Thailand

Better have jeans on to use this slide

Coats provides, trousers not

Even pandas are here

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