Friday, October 4, 2013

Vegetarian festival in Bangkok

The next days you will see a lot of yellow banners and signs with chinese style Thai characters in red. They announce the vegetarian week and let you know that this place is offering vegetarian food. I was suprised how many businesses are participating. Seacon Square for example is advertising vegetarian dishes, and when I drove along Srinakarin road, I noticed a lot of restaurants with the "เจ"-banners. Even in my street, Soi Wat Dan Samrong, I saw a sign (as shown in the picture).
What suprised me the most was that 7/11 is participating with vegetarian dishes and even vegetarian sausages. It seems that CP (Thailands biggest producer of pork and chicken sausages) understand the opportunity and just made a special promotion with vegetarian Bologna with chilli. The taste is quite good, not much different from the pork one. On a side note: It still sounds a bit weird when the 7/11-staff is asking me if they should make it warm for me.

Richard Barrow was live-tweeting from the BTS National Stadium where the festival is celebrated as well, even with some free dishes as far as I understand.

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