Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You can get angry, frustrated or cynical

Found this tweet today by @bkkbase:

Thai Facebook block was quite possibly the funniest 30 minutes of social media angst ever. #ThaiCoup
Similar post appeared today, making fun of people not having Instagram or Facebook access. On twitter, of course. It seems for some people Facebook and Instagram is for the kids, and Twitter for the adults. Even if, it doesn't matter. They all use the internet as communications tool the same way we used the telephone back in the days when we were young (and in the free west).
It doesn't matter if it's foodporn or a review of the latest The Voice episode, a selfie or a link to a Youtube video: Freedom of speech means that you are able to speak, no matter what tool you use - and also whatever you want to say. Looking down on those who may not fill their accounts with political statements is exactly what we witnessed when urban PDRC people looked down on the "buffalos" in the north east.They may not have the same education there (or better university names on the certificates, since Khon Kaen is actually a quite good institution), but they are the same Thai people as everyone else. 

There are different ways to deal with the current situation: You can get angry because of the feelings of injustice, you can get frustrated because it is yet another coup, but getting cynical means you gave up - not only the country, but on people. 

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