Friday, May 30, 2014

Introducing: The Thai country burger

When I made some spicy sausages yesterday (Xai Ua, or Chiang Mai sausage), it had some leftover filling. Why not fry it in the pan like a burger paddy I thought? I did, and since I had some sticky rice left and veggies, I started creating the  Thai country burger.

Sticky rice
Snake beans
Lobo Xai Ua spice mix burger paddy (chicken, beef or pork)
Chinese cabbage
Spicy sauce

You can buy a very good Xay Ua mix from Lobo's at Big C, Tesco Lotus or Villa Market, it comes actually with sausage casings. 

Take off a big cabbage leaf and use it as a pocket. Put in the paddy, then sticky rice on top, a slice of tomato, a layer of processed cheese and a bit to taste of spicy sauce.  Snake beans left and right of the paddy give some stability. Ready to eat.

Costs are cheap: 500 gr chicken is a bout 50 baht, spice mix 18 baht, sticky rice 7 Baht, cabbage 30 baht, snake beans 18 baht, tomato 20 baht - lasts for 8-10 burgers, depending on the size of the paddies.