Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Under martial law

So finally we have not only martial arts in Thailand, but also the long  expected martial law. Its not a coup, they say, because they only took control about the TV stations and streets. It might actually be a smart move, since the numbers of protesters in both camps were growing, and it was a matter of time when they would clash.

So another kind of coup in paradise. So far it seems life goes on, at least in my hotel on Koh Samui. Althougn there is so much green in the garden, a soldier would be difficult to spot.

 The Nation published a list of the restrictions or what the Army is allowed to do:

- Take action against war or riots;

- Use arms to suppress unrest;

- Search, confiscate or occupy any premises or vehicles;

- Censor information;

- Block, search and control postal services;

- Activate the military court to judge on crimes within the area under martial law;

- Mobilise civilians to help the military;

- Procure resources such as vehicles or logistical materials to support military operations;

- Prohibit public gatherings, publications, broadcasting, transport,

communication, travel, the movement of people or any action that the Defence Ministry deems necessary;

- Enforce curfews;

- Destroy, remove or adjust any premise or location for the purpose of military operations;

- Arrest and detain suspects for a maximum of seven days.

- People are not entitled to any compensation for damage incurred during such military operations;

- Martial law can only be ended with a Royal Decree.

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