Monday, May 5, 2014

Impressive customer service at Coffee Beans by Dao

We went for lunch to Coffee Beans by Dao at Paradise Park today and I ordered chicken laap with sticky rice. Although they use a ready made spice mix, it's still good food there and we like the service there. Unfortunately we had some uninvited guests: Shortly before I finished the sticky rice, some small bugs were crawling out of the basket. That can happen, we call them rice bugs, they sometimes make it into the rice bags and you can spot them as little black dots.
The ones today were not in the rice, but had been in the basket. I called the restaurant manager and wanted to just tell her that I have spotted some bugs and she may check the other baskets. Not a big deal for me, it wasn't disgusting or disturbing - I buy a lot of street food, so a bug is nothing for me, and some I actually eat some.

The reaction was very surprising: after a few minutes she came back, with a phone in the hand and ask me if I want to speak to her boss. I told her it's not a big deal and I just wanted to inform her rather than complain. But when we asked for the bill, she insisted that we didn't have to pay - a meal worth around 30 USD. Very impressive. And we will come back, for sure.