Friday, March 11, 2016

The new beer garden at On Nut

It took me a while to find the new beer garden that replaced one of my favorite places just next to the BTS station On Nut in Bangkok. Until a few months the beer garden was very local, very improvised but had it's own charme – and a great selection of food and drinks. But it's gone, making space for some entertainment center.
Alternatives came up quickly: Just next to the BTS, still opposite Tesco, opened a small place around a pond, with Thai food stalls and two beer bars. Nothing special but does it for a quick beer.
BUT: The real beer garden experience moved a bit further down. Just take a motobike taxi at the corner of Soi 81 and go for 10 baht around 500 meter. Once you cross the bridge the new beer garden is on you left hand. The On Fire shop moved here, serving excellent German style sausage and German style meatballs as well as fish and chips and different fries. A pizza shop opened as well. Two bars are serving drinks, and several Thai food stalls give you the spicy experience. Plenty of space to sit as well, and still the old price structure (Coke Zero for 20 baht is a real deal). They show even CTH on two big screens
In contrast to the old beer garden you can expect clean toilets here, and they are for free.

In summary, the new place is a bit further away but still in a walking distance and a good alternative to spend some time for dinner. It's a bit better in quality than the old space, what is not a bad thing, just needs a few more food stalls with more variety. It isn't as fancy as W-District, but the advantage is that the hordes of young teachers haven't discovered it yet.

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