Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our dogs

Since I mentioned that I am a dog lover, here are some pictures of the pack. Pixie is the oldest, she came with us from Germany, but she is a street dog from Spain. She is 14 years old now. Yoda is a temple dog from Bangkok, and Puna lost a leg during the red shirt protests (but it was a car accident, just took place at Ratchadamri during the protests). Pimmy and Pipa are both from Laos. We found Pimmy more dead than alive on the side of the street as a few days old puppy. We got Pipa from our friend Noy, she survived distemper as a puppy.

They live with us in the house, but we walk the dogs at least two times a day, and they can go into the garden whenever they want – or told. Other than most dogs here in the compound our dogs are NOT in a cage, and never will be. 

The way most dogs treated here in the village is just cruel and just not good for the dogs. Single dogs are locked away in the back of the house, others are never allowed to go even outside the house (in particular so called toy dogs). We have a Labrador living in the next street who never walks – even when I offered to walk the dogs, the owners refused. A beagle and a retriever are living alone in the yard of another house, only getting food two times from a maid (at least). 

I am not sure if 170 house and from there around 20 dog owners are a good representation of the state of pet dogs in Bangkok. I actually hope not. It sees that every street dog has at the end a better life than most of those in our Moo Ban.







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