Friday, May 22, 2015

Cassava (or Tapioca) harvest and recipes

Cassava (or Tapioca) harvest and recipes
When I was on a bike tour in Khao Yai last year, we passed by a Cassava field, and our guide gave us two stems that were already cut out. He told me they just need to be sticked in the soil, but farmers would use a secret chemical to make the roots grow. I used organic fertilizer and coffee instead, and it turned out to work well.
 A few days ago I harvested from the the two (already 2.5 meter tall) trees, the result you can see in the pictures. I then cut the stems again in 6 pieces and planted them again.

What to do with it? Thanks to the twitter people, I got nice recipes. One is peeling and cooking the roots for about 30 minutes. Then grind green chili, shallots and add coconut oil and salt to taste, use it as a chutney. 
Easy make are cassava sticks: Slice the roots into sticks, cook them for 5 minutes and then fry in oil. Add salt and spices. 
And finally a German version: Cook the roots, let it cool down, cut in 5mm slices and fry in a pan, together with onions. Add salt and pepper to taste.


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