Sunday, May 31, 2015

Art in Bangkok: Bangkok University Gallery and Jamjuree Art Gallery

Art is not the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about Bangkok, but the city of angels does have a vibrant art scene. Small for a big city like Krungthep, but it's there. Most underestimated place for contemporary art is the BACC, Bangkok Arts and Culture Center, opposite MBK. Many young artists showing their pieces there in nearly monthly changing exhibitions. BACC works close with universities, and the Bangkok University Gallery for example has an art space in walking distance from the Ekkamai BTS. (Building no 7).

We just made it to see the Golden Rule // Non-traditional Thai Painting - Louie Cordero exhibition. Cordero is a Filipino artist who has exceptional style of work. The backgrounds of his works show complicated story taking either from media or from Filipino myths and believes as well as the mix of Filipino-American culture, all of which lead to scary feeling but on the contrary they are lively and colorful. He recently came to Thailand to explore the local culture in all of its different angels and approaches. 
The next exhibition there will be Detour of The Ego by Lek Kiatsirikajorn and opens June 12th.

Afterwards we went down to Chula University. Security there told us that the Art Center is closed (what wasn't true, as we got told later through Facebook). But on the way down Phraya Thai road we stopped at the Jamjuree Art Gallery where Artist Koradol Kuljalusri is presenting his work.
The renown Thai artist shows paintings inspired by shadow puppets in a very specific  technique where he brushes a blurry background that is in contrast to the sharp strokes wich form abstract faces and bodies of actors of traditional tales.

He was actually there when we came so we had a chance to chat with him. He told us that he just came back from a trip to Europe where he was painting Thai temples. I am not a big fan of traditional art but his approach is refreshing and unique. 
Expect more art posts coming, as we will explore a bit more the scene in Bangkok.