Friday, April 24, 2015

Xai Ua style vegan sausage and patties

Xai Ua style vegan sausage and patties

One of my favorite Thai (and Lao) dishes is the northern style sausage. It is spicy, firm, made with lemongrass, kaffir lime, chili and usually pork meat. Today I tried a different approach: Replacing pork with soy protein. You can buy a Lobo Xai Ua mix that comes with collagen casings and is really good. Then pour hot water over the soy protein, let it soak a bit, drain the water and mix it with the spices. You may add some flour or corn starch. While it is a bit tricky to fill the casings it is more easier to make patties. Just fry them for a few minutes in the pan with a bit of sunflower oil.
Since I think there is more than burgers I made a sandwich with a Xai Ua Je patty, baby Chinese cabbage, pickled mustard and Sriracha sauce. For the sausage I cut it in slices and arranged the slices on sticky rice and cabbage with a splash of Sriracha sauce as well.


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