Thursday, March 26, 2015

Help to stop Nikki Beach Thailand exploiting elephants

UPDATE: It took Nikkibeach a while, and they deleted some pictures and ask Tripadvisor to remove some negavtive reviews, but at the end they spoke and acted: (via Twitter)

There is always another douche who doesn't get it, and Thailand seems to attract a lot of tourists who don't care about wildlife or they are just ignorant. But if you run a hotel here, you are aware and you can't deny it.

Nikki Beach on Phuket (and Koh Samui?) doesn't care about exploitation of young elephants and is using them for entertainment. 

There is a campaign now starting on twitter and other social media, and it is worth at least raising awareness and pressure Nikki Beach to stop the exploitation of wild animals.
(By the way, there is no way of legal action, since this is Thailand and even if there was a law the enforcement is in the hands of a notoriously corrupt police force.)

You cant contact them through the website (I selected the press department) or through facebook (
It doesn't look like their twitter account is used much @nikkibeachworld

Pictures via Twitter

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