Friday, March 13, 2015

Academy for Southeast Asian Filmmakers

I got asked by the organizers if I can promote this academy, and even this is a carmaker PR-Thing, I think there never enough learning, and when it is for free, there is not much harm in participating. So if you are a young filmmaker from Asia, consider sending your application.

Chevrolet and MOFILM have partnered up to create an amazing opportunity for Southeast Asian filmmakers that you can apply for today. Together they are launching the Academy for Southeast Asian Filmmakers (ASAF), an immersive three-day exploration of storytelling through film that is focused on equipping you with high-level strategic insights and practical tools to help you develop your filmmaking skills and career.

ASAF is a completely fee-free opportunity that will help young Southeast Asian talent to develop their filmmaking skills while working on a real, live, Chevrolet brief. Any Southeast Asian citizen, over the age of 18, with a passion for film and story telling can be part of it.

How it works?

Just follow the application link below and you will be prompted to:

1. Register or login to your MOFILM account
2. complete application for Academy workshops

ASAF will be an intensive course, created and delivered by expert tutors with experience from the Southeast Asian filmmaking industry. The sessions of the Academy will take place in Bangkok and Jakarta during May 2015. The curriculum will cover several aspects of filmmaker theory and practice, with a focus on developing story telling skills.

Spaces are limited so make sure you get your application in ahead of the deadline - 31st March 2015.