Thursday, April 25, 2013

My new short movie "Handful of love"

Before I left Laos I shot another short movie. Thanks to my wonderful actresses Chitta Phosithath, Phaknapha Phosithath and actor Tar A'Pacts and the help of Marsolon Chan I could realise an idea that came in my mind a while ago. I always like movies where things don't have to be shown in all details, films that still leave room for imagination. So I was thinking about telling a love story just showing the hands, because hands are the most powerful impressions beside the face. It also means more in Asia than in Europe, people holding hands are expressing (and showing) way deeper love and feelings.

I also challenged myself using nothing else but an iphone and the Smoothie Steadicam. It is still a bit shaky, but thats just lack of experience I guess. Next one will be smoother, promised.

Enjoy the short movie and let me know what you think!