Saturday, April 13, 2013

App wakes the driver up - and show next Cafe Amazon

I heard it today on Radio: 95.5: an app that detects if the driver falls asleep and then wakes him up - with a parrots sound. But not only that, it also shows you where the next Cafe Amazon is, to get a bit refreshed.

The App is called Drive Awake, is programmed by 1Moby Co for its client Amazon Cafe. These are part of the PTT network, and nearly every PTT gas station on the highways does have a Cafe Amazon.

The app is free and available for iPhone 4S and iPhone5. The phone needs to be mounted neer the steering wheel, so the camera has a good sight on you face. The software will then recognize your eyes and will be on constant detecting mode.

Once it detected the eyes a closed, a parrot starts shouting (the coffee shop chains mascot), and then the app calculates where the next coffeeshop is.

When I was testing it the eyes recognition rate was pretty low, and it warned me all times even with open eyes (to the annoyance of my dogs who where looking for the parrot) . It does offer a Night Mode as well, haven't tried this yet.

But I like the idea behind it, at least it shows that a company is trying to take social responsibility seriously and - more important - take soe kind of action.