Friday, June 26, 2015

Northern style curry with crocodile meat

A few days ago I spotted crocodile meat at Tesco Lotus, and since it was just 70 baht, I thought I give it a try. So today I prepared a red curry country style, without coconut but with just nam prik and water, together with the meat, some bamboo shoots and eggplants.

When I was opening the defrosted bag and pull the meat out, I already was sure that doesn't look to good. You could clearly see that this wasn't properly cut from a croc, but was torn apart, randomly hacked. It was fatty and looked like the garbage on the floor after the butcher had left.

Anyway, I wanted to see how the remaining eatable parts will perform with spicy chili, and they did well. Crocodile meat itself has kind of a fish texture while the taste is somewhere between chicken and nothing. So it needs to be either marinated, charcoaled or with a lot of spices.

If anyone knows a place where to get a proper crocodile fillet please let me know.