Friday, April 11, 2014

Awesome service at HomePro: Buying a washing machine in Thailand

Our washing machine broke down after 9 years of duty, and not one of the shops we asked could repair the Whirlpool front loader - even on the internet you can't get the manual anymore. So we decided to invest into a new one.

We went to HomePro at Paradise Park, because it is the closest one and we had already good experience with a water filter system. And again, they did not disappoint us at all. The seller told us all the pros and cons of the different models ("This is Siemens but made in China, not so strong, this one is Siemens made in Germany"), and was totally fine that we chose one of the cheaper models for sale (a Samsung front loader for 12000 Baht).

And yes, he could speak English. And he helped us through all the forms we had to fill, including a sketch where you house is, explained that there is free delivery and installation, that they will take the old machine for free, and how long the water hose is that is included. Didn't take long with the whole process, and we left happy.

Buying something is sometimes easy, getting it not so much. I was told to get a phone call the day after the purchase, to tell me time of delivery. And indeed, HomePro called me. The girl first started speaking in Thai and when I told her I can give it a try to understand when she speaks more slowly, she immediately switched to fluent English. We agreed to get the washing machine delivered the next day between 10 am and noon.

In Laos and Vietnam that would have meant not before noon, and since this is lunch break, more likely after lunch, about 3 pm or so. Not with Home Pro: At 9.57 am I got a call from the delivery guy to confirm the address and minutes later he showed up. De-Installation of the old one and installation of the new one was fast and easy, the two guys were very polite, and even without them speaking English I was able to understand the basic functions of the machine. He even explained that I should use a better extension cord and special detergent for hot water washing machines.

I will use HomePro again for any installation and delivery. Great Job!