Friday, March 28, 2014

Thai Bike Train

I am following right now the trip Richard Barrow and others doing using a new service called Thai Bike Train. It is apparently part of the train to Ayuthaya, with 3 carriages rebuild with bike stands, as far as I understand. I think there is a huge potential for bike transport in Thailand, and recently saw a tweet by @_bm showing even a taxi with a bike rack. Even in this hot climate, Thailand isn't bad at all for biking, thanks to zillions of refrehment stalls its really manageble. 

Personally I like biking, but just for the sake of fun and exercise. It seems many expats take it quite serious here and won't even come close to a bicycle without proper (and fashionable) gear. Oh, and it needs to be a branded bike for them as well. 

So, let's see what comes out of this Bike Train trip. Could be something rare in Thailand: Good news for tourism.