Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown: Impressions

Today I went to Asoke to see by myself what the impact of the shutdown actually is. So indeed they did shutdown major intersections by setting up stages and tents. When I came around lunch time it wasn't busy, in contrast to yesterday when the crowd was way bigger. It seems it is loosing momentum. On the positive side the traffic is like on a Sunday, very convenient to walk around.

Watching the protesters I somehow had the impressions many just came for being part of it. It is more a day out then a political event, at least as it looks for me. Yes, people are shouting from the stage with interruption and every few minutes there is the whistle-blowing. But apart from this, people were more busy walking around, taking selfies or using the restroom at Terminal 21.

To their defence I have to say it is similar to the Ostermarsch movement in the 80s in Germany: that was also very peaceful, we had a lot of fun and did not discuss politics all the time. But our goal was to prevent Pershing II rockets in Germany, not to overthrow an elected government.

Find below some pictures from todays protest at Asok intersection.