Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pets' Ville - dogs heaven in Bangkok

While everyone may have been once in one of the 5 Star hotels in the top tourist destinations in Thailand, you may haven't taken your dog into one - mainly because there wasn't one. This time is over: Not yet finished, but soft opening is Pets' Ville, a dog boarding and entertainment place. Not too far from the airport the owners got a big plot of land and turned it into mans best friends heaven.

First of all, it is beautifully designed. Modern chic, cute, black and white: Teh designer did a pretty good job. The place has different sections:

a restaurant (not yet open), so you can grab a bite while watching your pet playing in the pool

a pet supply shop (under construction)

retail shops (still for rent) offering services for dogs

a salt water swimming pool (prices depend on weight and hair length, between 350 and 1000 Baht per hour)

a dog hotel: standard box is 1x1.2 meters, deluxe is 1.4 x 1.6 meter (for up to 2 small dogs), aircon and CCTV VIP is a 2.3 x 3 meter special hut with air conditions and IP Webcam (so the owners can see the dogs while on the beach via internet connection). Prices vary between 300 and 1000 Baht per room. Dogs are taken out 2 times in the morning and 2 times afternoon. Staff checks every two ours the animals wellbeing.
a playground with agility training (under construction)

a grooming service.

Before boarding the dogs (service will start in November) owner recommend to bring the dog before to see if he/she likes and and gets along with the staff (they have four staff and security there all day). Also, dog owners have to bring medical records as well as last heartworm treatment date and flea/tick control prove.

Although the service isn't cheap, the place can become a community place for dog owners very soon. You can just come for grooming or the pool or even to let your dog play and run with others (for a small fee). I was impressed by the modern style, but also by the quality of building. This is all well built and constructed.
You can get more information on Facebook, on Instagram petsville, Line ID petsvilleBKK

Address is Sukhaphiban 2 Road which intersected with On-nut Road. The place's in between Sukhaphiban 2 soi 7 and soi 9, next to Baan Patra., Phone number 081-818-2850, 080-000-6976, Open 9am-6pm.
A map and geo coordinates are here

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