Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dogs, dogs dogs - and a few cats at the Pet Expo in Bangkok

We are dog lovers, as you may have already seen reading this blog. So, when there was the Pet Expo at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center announced, we wanted to give it a shot. Although it was allowed to bring your dogs, we decided to just go by our own. A wise decision.

Pet dogs have become a fashion statement in Thailand (rot in hell, Paris Hilton). The smaller, the better. And even if they have four legs, owners don't really let them walk, They are carried on basket, hold in the humans arms, or, latest development, put in strollers. At least they don't share it with the new born baby (yet).
Our five dogs are street dogs, all rescued, and certainly not fitting the profile for the beauty contest. But they have character, and they are allowed to behave like dogs.

What worried me, was a booth with a Soi Dog foundation banner that was selling perfume for dogs. I really admire Soi Dog Foundation and we support them monthly, and I also understand the need of fundraising, but perfume for dogs????? It is stupid because dogs NEED to smell like a dog. It is the main communication channel with other dogs. A dogs fur usually doesn't small bad, except he was in the rain. Also, there is NO need to shower a dog every week if it's not dirty from outdoor activities (and even then, only water is just fine).

But it goes further: Countless offers of clothes for dogs, from T-Shirts to hats, shoes and - wigs! In all colours.

What I kinda liked was a company called HomePet Thailand. They are building dog houses. But it is not the average hut you already know. These are well designed villas, miniatures of the building we live in (see picture). They come with a price: a 1.24 square meter house costs 19.000 Baht.

In case you need some fancy bowls for your pets food, check out Coccola. They have well designed equipment, from wooden bowl holders to finest ceramic, blankest and dog beds.

A very smart move was to sell Condos there. Happy Condo is at Ladprao 101, and the reason they showed up at the Pet Expo was that they are dog friendly. They even have a dog park and a dog beauty salon.

Last but not least we found Pets Ville. They call themself a Community for Pet lovers, but it is a company. However, they will offer a promising range of services from October on. Dog Pool, Dog Hotel, Pet Shop. Grooming, Dog Cafem Pet Taxe and a Dog Park will be set up not far from the airport. Check the Facebook page for updates.

And then some more weird pets:

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